Running a server is a lot of work. Running a public server is a lot more work. Running a public community server is more work than both combined.

A tired 12am blog by an overworked server pony.

Hello everypony my name is Lily Stargazer (Morindil) member of the BT build team and I am here to talk to you about building (what a surprise for a builder),
or more specifically on how to build or even more specifically about the building process from an idea to a finished fully detailed build.
I've been asked to do block-by-block tutorials for builds many times but there are already tons of tutorials like that out there and in my opinion you don't really learn that much from them. So what I want to do instead is to teach you how to plan out and execute your own ideas and follow your creativity instead of simply copying something. We will do this by planing and building a rustic townhouse in a Ponyville-ish style.