1.19 - Plugin Updates
Hello, everyone! We wanted to go over the updates to the server in a bit more detail, so we made a blog post for it!

First and foremost, let's start with EcoEnchants:
- Wisdom: XP increase at max level has been reduced to 75% increased XP (was 90%).
- Intellect: XP increase at max level has been reduced to 100% (was 240%).
- Toxic: Now conflicts with fire aspect.
- Spells: Quake and Vitalize have been disabled. All others are now exclusive to books and can only be obtained from villagers. Charge may be applied to swords, however.
- Blast Mining: Now allows unbreaking to be added. Mending is still disallowed for balancing purposes.
- Boss Hunter: Max level has been decreased to 4 (was 8).
- Cerebral & Cranial: Decreased max level to 4 (was 8). Damage per level was increased slightly to compensate for this (0.03 to 0.0375). Damage increase at max level is 15%.
- End Infusion, Ender Slayer, Enderism, Hellish, Nether Infusion, Netheric, Respirator, and Void Affinity: Are now exclusive to villagers and cannot be obtained in enchanting tables or on looted items.
- Fire Affinity: Max level decreased from 7 to 3.
- Marking: Damage increase has been reduced to 15% (was 25%).
- Artifacts: All are now exclusive to villagers and cannot be obtained in enchanting tables or on looted items.

Many enchantments have been removed to reduce clutter and help with balancing (both PvE and PvP):
Abattoir, Aerial, Annihilate, Arcanic, Ascend, Atmospheric, Atmospheric, Backstab, Bladed, Bleed, Blind, Buckshot, Carve, Chopless, Cleave, Conclude, Cubism, Curse of Breaklessness, Curse of Fragility, Curse of Hunger, Curse of Misfortune, Defusion, Disappear, Diverse, Dousing, Dullness, Dweller, Evasion, Extract, Fetching, Finality, Finishing, First Strike, Force, Freerunner, Frozen, Goliath, Grapple, Hook, Ice Shot, Illusion Aspect, Impact, Incandescence, Insecticide, Introversion, Invigoration, Levitate, Life Steal, Liquid Shot, Optics, Pacify, Paladin, Parasitic, Parry, Phantasm, Plasmic, Preservation, Proximity, Puncture, Quadrilateralism, Quake, Razor, Rebounding, Rejuvenation, Revenant, Settle, Shockwave, Shot Assist, Sickening, Slicing, Spearfishing, Splash, Spring, Stalwart, Stone Switcher, Stray Aspect, Succession, Supercritical, Tectonic, Tornado, Vampire Aspect, Venom, Vitalize, Voltage, Water Affinity, Water Aspect, Weakening, Wood Switcher, and Wound.

The following enchantments were removed since EcoEnchants no longer has these in the newer versions:
- Extraction, Magma Walker, and Aversion.

All enchantments removed will be removed from your items automatically. The only exclusions to this are the ones that have been completely removed from the plugin, like Magma Walker.

Lands has had many significant changes since 1.16. To start, nearly all of the GUI's have been changed. Additionally, two new features have been enabled: Levels, Nations, and Wars. Since this is likely to be the one with the most questions, we'll start with Wars:
- Wars are completely opt-in and require both Lands to accept the war before it is started. Nations can also declare war, but more on those later. Wars are largely cosmetic and still require all users to use '/pvp enable' to participate. Nothing is gained or lost in wars, as it's more or less intended to be used for RP purposes. All server rules still apply during wars.
- Now for Levels: Levels are something that all Lands have access to. You can view your level and requirements for the next level by using '/lands', selecting your Land, and clicking the 'levels' icon (looks like an experience bottle!). The rewards for leveling up your Land are rather low at the moment, but we intend to make them a little better in the near future!
- And last but not least, Nations: Nations are collection of Lands that fall under one banner. Nations require a level 5 Land in order to create a Nation. They require no upkeep, but they do require a large amount of money in your Land's bank to be able to progress it to the next Nation levels. On the second nation level you unlock the ability to enable Nation-wide effects. Think of them like beacons, but they cover the entirely of all the Lands in your nation!

Additionally, we've changed some other settings for Lands:
- Removed cost for Land creation (was 200).
- Removed cost for Land renaming (was 200).
- Removed cost for changing the owner of your Land (was 500).
- Removed cost for teleporting to a Land (was 30).
- Removed cost for using '/lands wild' (was 300).
- Reduced the unstuck time from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
- Increased the max distance for '/lands wild' to 10000 (was 8000).
- The ability to ban players from your Lands has been disabled. Please contact staff if you ever encounter a reason that you don't want someone in your Land and we'll take care of it! The unban command is still enabled, however, so that users can undo bans. While we cannot force you to do this, we'd prefer it if you did unban all banned users from your Lands (assuming you have banned anyone, anyway).

Server settings:
- Armor stands no longer have collision lookups.
- Mobs can no longer bypass cramming gamerules by use of ladders/vines, etc.
- Mobs will not update their pathfinding immediately on block updates to help with performance. (Still updates, it's just a little slower.)
- The server's render distance has been set to 8 and with the simulation distance being set to 4.
- Villagers have been significantly optimized through additions and changes to many various settings.
- Certain "junk" items have faster despawn times (1 mninute): Acacia leaves, birch leaves, dark oak leaves, jungle leaves, mangrove leaves, oak leaves, spruce leaves, andesite, cobblestone, diorite, dirt, granite, grass, gravel, netherrack, red sand, sand, scaffolding, twisting vines, and weeping vines.

Class changes:
- Bat ponies now gain increased food from glowberries.
- Changelings can now disguise as tadpoles, frogs, axolotls, and glow squids at level 5. They can also disguise as allay at level 7.
- Dragons can eat amethyst. No effects have been added for this (yet).

Other assorted changes:
- Custom music can now be accessed in the creative worlds by using '/musicbox get'.
- The Sweet Apple Acres Fight Club should no longer wipe your inventory.
- A non-superflat creative world is now available! It can be accessed from the portal room ('/warp portalroom'). This was created during the downtime between the 1.19 upgrade, but we still believe it's worth noting here for those who've missed it!
- In addition to the change above, the old creative world has been renamed to "Superflat Creative" and the new one is now "Creative World."
- We've updated the automated announcements to be significantly more informative. Additionally, you can hover over certain aspects of these messages and click them for additional information, or to even get the command automatically pasted in your chat for you!
- The first spawn area's messages have been updated for the new and improved first spawn area! (And just as a reminder; you can access this new area from the portal room! '/warp portalroom')
- Assorted tweaks and changes for McMMO have been made to make it compatible with 1.17-1.19 blocks. (Was added after the main 1.19 update dropped)
- The Miner job has been updated to include 1.17+ blocks.
- The leveling system for heads has been disabled. While the system was largely cosmetic, the database for the older version was unreadable to the newer versions of the plugin, effectively resetting everyone's levels. Since it wasn't important to gameplay we've opted to disable the system.
- Added the nether trees and mangroves to the treefeller plugin.
- And many smaller assorted bug fixes! (...and additions, we'll continue to work on fixing those!)

We thank you all for your patience with us while we worked on these updates! If you have any further suggestions for potential future changes please let us know on our Discord in the #suggestions channel!

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