BronyTales Thanksgiving 2022
Hello everypony! This year, once again, we have asked the community what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving! Here is what you all had to say:

Corsolera (Void_Truth)
Everything and everyone. But most importantly, I'm thankful for the expectations of the greatness to come from all of us~

Smolder (MLP_Smolder)
Am thankfull for my frens, shoutout to blueblood for helping me with loads of stuff, luna for giving me many memes , pipp for the item sorter and ebony for not stealing my stuff recently c:

Bingo (therainbooms)
I'm so, so thankful for BT! I've met many friends who I talk to on the daily, which is something that is priceless! I have tons of fun and have finally found a community I feel comfortable being myself in! :)

Cer (Chako488)
That I haven't been banned yet and that people endure my humour silently.

Fidget (SOCOM95)
I am grateful for the friends I have made on BT, the player base as a whole for allowing this amazing space to exist with your interest in the server, and HRT. Bronytales has been an amazing environment for me to explore aspects of myself, and to meet a ton of really cool people. Discovering this space has been one of the best things to happen to me in a long time, I love you all.

Colorless (Navycobat)
I am thankful for meeting everyone on this server. This place has opened my eyes to who I am and what I want to be. I cannot describe how grateful I am to have met each and everyone one of you. You guys have helped me change my life. Without the people here I would have never discovered something I never really knew about myself. When joining this server I thought I was just going to play here to alleviate boredom, but I think I found something more here than I realized. I just can't thank everyone enough for helping me get here. Thank you, Derpy, Daring, Luna, Sombra, Fidget, Blueblood, Eevii, Smolder(happy birthday smolder), Lumi, Sanny, Opaline(cozy), and many others. Without all of you, I would be a sad lump. I would have never thought joining an MLP minecraft server could have such a large impact on my life, but it did. I am happier for it. Thank you. <3

ShadowTwinkle (ShadowTwinkle)
I'm thankful for being part of BT community and meeting so many friends on it which mean a lot to me... I'm also the most thankful for meeting my BF kinda in a way through BT (BT ROCKS :P)

jay (q___jay___p)
I am thankful for indoor heating as it is very cold and also my dogs cause dogs are very cool and lovable

SeafoamStars (hufflepuff555)
I'm thankful for my family and for all the wonderful friends I've made on Bronytales over these past four years.

VinylScratch (Simsinik55)
Am thankful for all of my friends and the existence of Pipp Petals in G5 cccc:

Rain Shine (BarrothMudFTW)
I am thankful for all the various groups of friends, both inside BT and out, that put up with me on a daily basis. It's very strange going from being very self-focused with my time years ago, to suddenly feeling like I would cry if I couldn't access or talk to my online friends anymore.
So to all of you out there reading this: Thanks for being there for me, even if I'm sometimes a depressive lump.

Big Mac (Di11i30)
My family and I find a new coffee house to try out every weekend since the beginning of the year.

Eevii (ScatterClop)
Gay people <3

AwesomePony (TheAwesome481)
I am thankful for this community. The friends I have made. For being able to, for the most part, tolerate my antics. And allow me to rejoin so many times and fit in just as well each time. I love you all, hope for a great December and 2023 on this server <3

TechNerdSparkle (mlptechnerd01)
I'm thankful for all the new friends that i have made on here :)

Opaline (Kanade_Tachi)
The inevitable heat-death of the universe.

Raven_Underhill (ravendance81)
As far as BT goes, everything!! You guys have done an amazing job and I love the community we have. MC in general - litematica and the pixel map world - tytyty i don't have to build that all in survival :D Extra muffins for Derpy!

p4r4_max (p4r4_max)
my friends

Blueblood (DawsonJ750)
I am thankful for this server and all of the people on it. You are all wonderful people and getting to meet and become friends with all of you has been a wonderful experience. All of you have had a positive impact on my life, and I appreciate every single one of you very much.
A few people I want to thank for specific things:
Luna, Daring, & Opaline: Thank you for giving me a chance. I know I have tried your patience and caused you stress more than once. Hopefully in the future I can help you solve more problems than I cause.
Max, Oceana, & Frosty: Thank you for always having my back and being down to do silly things with me.
Smolder & Sany: Thank you for consistently being kind. It's rare to find someone who always makes my day better, every time, by just talking to them, but both of you do.
Last, I have done A LOT of things during my 4 months on the server, from exploring server history, to leveling MCMMO, to playing chess, to just building. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to play this videogame with me.

Celestia (Schlorgadorb)
I'm grateful that I was homeschooled.
Because I was homeschooled, I met people I never would have met otherwise. I met my oldest friend, who helped me through quite a lot.
Because I was homeschooled, I was sent to a different school for High School, and met my high school friends, who have been there for me through the good times and the bad.
Through them, I discovered Friendship is Magic. Because of that, I found the reddit channel. Because I got into MLP generally, I discovered that there's a card game. I then found a group that plays the MLP Card Game. And then I found someone trying to make their own card game. And they introduced me to Derpy, who mentioned Bronytales, and that's when I joined the Bronytales server.
And it only happened because of a series of fortunate events. So, thank you all for that!

Luna (MoonlightRift)
I'm thankful for the community BronyTales has fostered. In late 2019 and throughout 2020, I slowly lost contact with all my real life friends. I drifted away, and my social anxiety only got exasperated by the lockdown. At that point, really all I had was the Fortnite community, which is notoriously toxic.
It wasn't good for my mental health. Most days I ended up more miserable then happy interacting with them. In February of 2020, I joined BronyTales. I didn't make a lot of friends at first, in fact, I was more or less a loner. A watcher. I didn't roleplay, and for a short time, I was primarily on the modded server.
It took a while for me to break through that shell, but with the help of some cool people (especially you two, Penny and Opaline,) I was able to push through that shell. I got my first and only canon, and the rest is history.
Now, here I am, a Community Admin, and Head Builder for the staff team. I cut out the toxicity of the Fortnite community, and despite some days being rough, I think I'm in a much better place now. I'm just glad to still be here, roleplaying, and chatting.

Man, this got sappy. uhhh, something something FORTNITE!!! but thank you all, for real.

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