Roleplay Spotlight - Sweetie Belle


Continuing from our series on roleplay applications, I'd like to share another that caught our eye. Sweetie Belle!

Dear BestestEST Sister in the whole wide world,

And yes, I did give you a new spectacular name! Do you like it? Or maybe I could give you another! Maybe the spectacular special super special sister? Oh! Oh!! Or the sibling of beauty! Or the star sister!!

..Oh. Um.. I'm getting way ahead of myself, aren't I? Heh.. Well, I just sent a letter because I made a little something for you during my filly guide's camp activities! It's the sparkly glittery drawing on the back of the paper, just so you know. How does it look? Doesn't it look the most amazingest of amazing art pieces? You know, I really missed you at camp, so I decided to make you something and send it to you! I may have snuck out in the middle of the night to do it but I had a good reason to!! I mean, who wouldn't want to write to the bestest special bombastic fantastic sister? Also, I found some rocks and sticks in the woods and glued them together to make an art piece of me and you! Sorry if your mane looks messy, it was.. I admit, a bit rushed, heh- Oh oh oh! Did you see the beautiful geode I found?! I knew you'd like it for a pony like you, and plus, it reminded me of you! So why not? Anywhoooo, I hope you write back! I want to still keep in touch with you, best sister friend ever! I'll see you in-pony in aboouuuutttt.. what? ..Oh, sheesh. I guess I'll have to check, but! I'll be back before you can say lickety-split! ..Okay, maybe not that fast, but soon!

Sincerely, also your best friend sister, chum, pal, and confidant, Sweetie Belle (insert messy drawing of sweetie belle smiling next to the signature)

P.S.: (in messy writing) This is a quick thing I wanted to add! You will not believe what I saw today! I saw a little pretty stand that said the initials BT on it! I asked what it means and they said BronyTales! It sounds like a smash hit, does it not?! I asked to come to BT, and I don't know their answer yet because they said it takes some time.. and the place seems very welcoming and SUPER fun when it comes to events!! Ohh, this really excites me! I wonder what I could do there! Maybe learn some new spells, sing, *gasp* maybe even make my own shop! This is the coolest thing EVER!! Maybe it could even help with your shop a little!! Doesn't BronyTales sound smashing?? I'm so excited I could fly!! And even though being in BronyTales sounds like a lot of work, it's the fun kind of work! And it's something I really think would be an amazing experience!!!

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