Economy Rework Feedback - Statistics
Hey everyone!

We wanted to follow up on the economy rework feedback form with you all, and we decided the best way to do so is to share most of the numbers and statistics with you all!

So, let's start off at the top:

Over half of those who responded are owners of shops! Starting with shop owners, let's see your opinion on the changes:

Overall it seems like many shop owners are looking forward to the changes to the system! But whether or not it'd impact their or other shops is an unknown for many. We do intend to closely monitor usage of both the server/admin shop and player stores to make sure this change doesn't have a negative impact. As always; if you see a problem with the system, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll do our best to fix it!

Let's see what the non-shop owners had to say:

While there was mostly positive reception here, as well, a couple people definitely aren't too crazy about the changes. The primary concern I've noticed is that it'll make money harder to earn (we'll get to this later!).

With the economy rework we plan on introducing a few new ways for players to spend money, so we asked for your thoughts:

I had personally expected this one to be a real point of contention, but overall it seems people really would like for this to be a thing! For the pricing on the map art, a large majority of you thought the prices were just right, with "too high" being the 2nd option people picked the most. While the amount of work isn't as high as making it by hand, this new method of getting art onto the server does still take a fair bit of staff time to work with. This is why we've got the prices set as high as we do, it provides options for players while keeping the staff workload somewhat reasonable.

Many of the concerns around importing map art from URLs is that it may devalue other map art that was handmade in the pixel art world. It's nearly impossible to ensure there's no copies made of art that's already been made or imported, but as long as you have unique art for sale you'll always have business! Map art's one of those things that even if you have yours set at a relatively high price people will always buy. Even with this proposed money sink I don't think I see that changing any time soon.

Another common question was if you'll be able to sell map art that's imported, and the answer to that is yes! We won't restrict you on how you distribute your map art. In addition to it being just something that'd be extremely annoying for players, it'd be nearly impossible to enforce and moderate.

There were some reasonable concerns about item lore, though most people definitely approve of the idea! To be more specific; a few worry that this may decrease the value of items from events. We don't intend on giving away event item replicas and we imagine most people will use this money sink as a way to add unique flair to their personal items. Ultimately it's up to you on whether or not you give them away, it'll just cost you a fair bit if you do want to go down that route!

Another great concern is that the price may be too low for items with complex lore. This is likely something we'll adjust as needed, but provided we're not being asked to make the lore rainbow colors it should be fine! Though just as a general disclaimer; we do reserve the right to decline a request if it's too complex, inappropriate, etc. You know the drill. :buzzbuzz:

I think this one goes without saying; people absolutely love this idea! We'll have to come up with some ideas for what we'd like for this, but if you have any ideas please don't hesitate to stick them in the suggestions forum on our Discord!

We're in the final stretch now, just a couple more to go! So,where do players currently earn their money on BronyTales?:

I'd say these results are exactly what we were expecting to see. Mining and mob farms are definitely pretty lucrative. We definitely hope this rework will expand some horizons for what you may do for money, but we'll just have to wait and see!

And last, but not least:

In the most literal way these results just make sense; you'll have to do a little extra work now to get your money. In that way I'm not super surprised, but the data does trend to be in the "it'll make things harder" direction. Legwork aside, we do hope that this will actually have a lot of longer lasting benefits for both the economy and the server, but again, we'll just have to see!

We thank you all for your time, and a massive thanks to all of you who filled out the form and left feedback!
We have a few things to work out before we start implementing these changes, specifically the interface for Bedrock clients doesn't allow for them to sell things. Needless to say this would be cataclysmic for our Bedrock users and launching it this way would be a direct slap in their face. I'll be contacting the author of the plugin we intend to use soon about it, but assuming we can't get that fixed we'll need to find another plugin. This would add a fair bit of time to how long it'll take to implement.

Keep an eye on #server-updates on our Discord for when the change goes live! If you own a store, we recommend gearing up for these changes as soon as possible. Here's a link to the prices you can expect to compete with! If any of these prices look too extreme, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and request a change. We're still looking for feedback on specific numbers!

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