Thanksgiving in BronyTales
Hi there everypony! Long time no blog! This year for Thanksgiving, we thought it’d be a fun idea to ask the community what we’re most thankful for this year. Find the results below!

Twilight (Schlorgadorb)
I am most thankful for: Being invited to the family that is this server. Meeting all the ponies with life stories so diverse and wonderful. Hearing your struggles, and having you let me help from time to time. Thank you for letting me be a part of this!

Sombra (The_King_Sombra)
I am most thankful for:
This entire community in Brony Tales! This whole year has been some of the most fun I've had in minecraft, and I cherish the time I've been having with everyone!

Emperor Ludrian (LuDrSc)
I am most thankful for:
The Force
my home

Cedar Equinox (ArgyleStarshine)
I am most thankful for:
Discovering sriracha sauce

Nova (Nova843)
[I am most thankful for:
Being able to find communities and groups that accept me with all my quirks. I've been able to take a break from my shyness to talk and make memories with others. It brings me to tears to know I have a place to come to when the outside world becomes too scary. BronyTales is one of the communties where I am less of a wall blossom and can jump in from time to time. A year ago, talking and joining in server lore would terrify me and I would feel lonely due to it and I would kick myself for it...
All in all, I'm thankful for a safe place to call home and have fun.
~Novae|843* ]

I am most thankful for:
my grandkids :-)

Fangz (moonman4231)
I am most thankful for: All the people on here who accept me for who i am. no matter how weird i act.

Rainbow (Kanade_Tachi)
I am most thankful for:
The life I'm able to live and experience, and all those I meet along this great journey, fellow travellers, I wish you well on your paths.

Lets make every moment one worth living.

Sapphire Sparkle (SapphireSpar)
I am most thankful for:

My Friends and Family, and My own life.

ZombieSY (Major_SY03)
I am most thankful for:
I am thankful for Equestrian lifeforms being the easiest to fight in battle. All these kingdoms use sticks and stones while we use rockets and tanks. Their fleets are wooden ships on balloons and in the sea while ours travel the stars.
Nobody here has been able to win a all out war against us only convince us to cease fire for a peace pact it is total domination!
Ive got to see big cities both as visitor and conquerer. The best part is when I think I wiped out the last of one enemy force another will rise to take our fire.
For useless resistance they all put up a good fight. Dont hide away from a impossible fight it is almost something I could admire. Im thankful I decided to liberate this planet from it's own tyranny!

Fluttershy (Seriza_)
I am most thankful for:

how wholesome the community here has been.

I am most thankful for:

My friends. Who support me and my decisions, unless those decisions just back-crap crazy and might get me in trouble...

Applejack (gizmodudedad)
I am most thankful for:

The love and acceptance that this server has given me the chance to experience.
I love you all with my whole heart, and I wouldn't trade y'all for the world. <3 <3


I am most thankful for:

idk i dont do thanksgiving where im from but i hope the people that do enjoy it

I am most thankful for:
My husband Omiimo-HeartTop

LoveBuzz (omiimo)
I am most thankful for:

my wonderful gf hearttop.... and pudding

Amethycion (drcrazy547)
I am most thankful for:

Being a part of this great community. Just being around the ponies of this server makes my day. Anytime I need to get away from the hardships of IRL, I come here to spend my time. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely yours, Crystal.

Celestia (ScorchFirefly)
I am most thankful for:

Being able to go to my first MLP Convention this year. It allowed me to meet some friends from this server for the first time. I'll meet some more in December.

(Just a feather. Not even a note, just a feather. I guess they just like feathers?)

Radiant Hope (HayleeBop23)
I am most thankful for:

All of my friends: MageMeadowBrook, Rabia, Zull, Cosmos, Sombra, Nyx, Smolder, Cardgambit and so many others! Also this wonderful community, I never would have thought I would find a server like this ever! So it is a blessing to be here, I also love all the events that happen here whether its is Crystallic Sombers (CS) or in BronyTales. I can't wait to see what each time i'm on brings and to each year that passes by.

Thank you staff and community for a wonderful place to be in.

With love and Happy Thanksgiving!

- Radiant Hope

Luna (MoonlightRift)
We are most thankful for: Our friends. Without them, we would forever be trapped within the darkness that is Nightmare Moon. It is nothing something we take for granted.
Having friends after a thousand years of solitude is something truly special.

What I am most thankful for (out of character): It's still my friends. Getting to know lots of people, especially through this server and the staff has changed my life. It's helped me through tough times and I'm so glad I met y'all. Damn this is cheesy, oh well lol.

Grape (JHacks)
im thankful for
my book and quills
otherwise i would not be able to talk <:

Hobo Joe (Razorvoltfury)
I am most thankful for:

what i have. i worked hard for everything i have and with everything i do. im glad i have acheived as much as i have

Pipp (Natjo_)
I am most thankful for:

How so many folk have decided to help with the colosseum build, like, what the heck guys, why the hell you helping me with this thing, it's taking so much effort and I can't thank or love you enough for it!

~Pipper ❤

(Just a block of dirt.)

I am most thankful for:

my family and friends!

I am most thankful for:

My family mlp and a house and COMPUTERS

Nyx (sb0863)
I am most thankful for:

My boyfriend, who puts up with all my problems, but loves me all the same. I love him too. ^^

I am most thankful for:


I am most thankful for:

Having a loving best friend and boyfriend even tho i struggle with chronic pain

Trixie (KapowsMinion)
I am most thankful for:

all the friends ive made in this past year, here especially. i only joined in june but im glad its THIS community, because everyone is very sweet and kind.

-Trixie Lulamoon

Pinkie Diane Pie (TheArkadies)
I am most thankful for:

Having the oppurtunity to continue this worthwhile social experience on BT. From Ponycraft - Concordia - BT, it is a wild ride and I am fotunate to have gotten into the MLP Fandom and discover all the souls I have

I am most thankful for:

All the rps and moments I have lived here. Even though I practically don't rp anymore and I don't get on as much as I'd like, I am thankful for discovering this server and being able to join in.

I am most thankful for:
The person who got me to play on this great server!

I am most thankful for:

being alive ;-;

WigglyWorm (Obscure_0w0)
I am most thankful for:

Shining Armor Mostly! They're the reason I'm here haha! I'm also greatful for the server in general. I hadn't been on in a while... but I appreciate being able to hop back on when I need it... Yeah, that's pretty much it haha

Eevee (tractor21)
I am most thankful for:
discovering a wonderfull server with alot of friendly individual helpfull staff and the friend i make along the way

I am most thankful for:

-my family

I am most thankful for:

Noble Goldheart (AcePilot092)
I am most thankful for:

The times that I was able to have with my grandparents before they passed away.
I am thankful for my success for my job and for my college career.
I am thankful for all the friends that I have made on here.
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for the fact that I will be an uncle soon.
And finally, I am most thankful for the life that I am living on this beautiful mother earth.

Sincerely: Noble_Goldheart

Indigo Starz (IndyMay)
I am most thankful for:
My Family and Friends

Snazzy (Snazzy_Lola)
I am most thankful for:

the grace of pie

RainbowKitty (_Rainbow_Dash__)
I am most thankful for:

Derpy made a My Little Pony minecraft server so I'm able to play on a minecraft server that has My Little Pony in it and I'm really happy he did that. I also like My Little Pony a lot.

Smolder (MLP_Smolder)
What am I thankfull for: Im thankfull for many things, oh gosh were do I start... Well Im thankfull to be trusted back into being Smolder, I missed it so much! But
the thing That Im most thankfull for,has to undoubtably be my friends
They mean everything to me, they give me support, love, happyness, many laughts and a shoulder to cry on when I need it.

However, there is a couple few who go even beyond that.

✦Eevee✦, ★Izzy Moonbow★, ♪Pipp Petals♬, ❀Penny❀ and ❣Boo❣ come to mind.
They never gave up on me and allways stood by my side even if I keept messing up and made many mistakes. They allways belived on me and were loyal
And to that loyalty
Im thankfull for.

Scar Tissue (ScarTissue990)
I am most thankful for:

The amazing people that I've met on this server and eventually made friends with.
For so much support from you all, both in art and mental health.
For this server, that I can play here and have fun.

Derpy (jascotty2)
I’m most thankful for my amazing parents, the crazy family I’m a part of, the opportunities provided for me throughout my life, for the incredible community on BT that I get to hang around with, for my amazing pupper, and the little engineering marvels that keep this little corner of the world I live in nice to live in. Brake pads. Central air heating and cooling. Indoor plumbing and potable water. Shoes and socks. Recorded music. In-home food refrigeration. Toaster ovens. Lightbulbs and reliable energy.

I can not emphasise just how appreciative I am of the fact that this community exists and that I get to be a part of it. I am extraordinarily fond of each and every person who joins in and adds their own flair and personality to it.

Also again my family, who still like to drag me on adventures and invite me over for dinner.

Oh, and stores where you can go and buy muffins at any time of the day. ^.^

Nave (Partyrockscool)
I am most thankful for:

Having met and hung out with amazing people on this server who I can happily call friends ^^

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