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Hey everyone!

We wanted to follow up on the economy rework feedback form with you all, and we decided the best way to do so is to share most of the numbers and statistics with you all!

So, let's start off at the top:

Over half of those who responded are owners of shops! Starting with shop owners, let's see your opinion on the changes:

Hello, everyone! We wanted to go over the updates to the server in a bit more detail, so we made a blog post for it!

First and foremost, let's start with EcoEnchants:
- Wisdom: XP increase at max level has been reduced to 75% increased XP (was 90%).
- Intellect: XP increase at max level has been reduced to 100% (was 240%).
- Toxic: Now conflicts with fire aspect.
- Spells: Quake and Vitalize have been disabled. All others are now exclusive to books and can only be obtained from villagers. Charge may be applied to swords, however.
- Blast Mining: Now allows unbreaking to be added. Mending is still disallowed for balancing purposes.
- Boss Hunter: Max level has been decreased to 4 (was 8).
- Cerebral & Cranial: Decreased max level to 4 (was 8). Damage per level was increased slightly to compensate for this (0.03 to 0.0375). Damage increase at max level is 15%.
- End Infusion, Ender Slayer, Enderism, Hellish, Nether Infusion, Netheric, Respirator, and Void Affinity: Are now exclusive to villagers and cannot be obtained in enchanting tables or on looted items.
- Fire Affinity: Max level decreased from 7 to 3.
- Marking: Damage increase has been reduced to 15% (was 25%).
- Artifacts: All are now exclusive to villagers and cannot be obtained in enchanting tables or on looted items.

Many enchantments have been removed to reduce clutter and help with balancing (both PvE and PvP):
Abattoir, Aerial, Annihilate, Arcanic, Ascend, Atmospheric, Atmospheric, Backstab, Bladed, Bleed, Blind, Buckshot, Carve, Chopless, Cleave, Conclude, Cubism, Curse of Breaklessness, Curse of Fragility, Curse of Hunger, Curse of Misfortune, Defusion, Disappear, Diverse, Dousing, Dullness, Dweller, Evasion, Extract, Fetching, Finality, Finishing, First Strike, Force, Freerunner, Frozen, Goliath, Grapple, Hook, Ice Shot, Illusion Aspect, Impact, Incandescence, Insecticide, Introversion, Invigoration, Levitate, Life Steal, Liquid Shot, Optics, Pacify, Paladin, Parasitic, Parry, Phantasm, Plasmic, Preservation, Proximity, Puncture, Quadrilateralism, Quake, Razor, Rebounding, Rejuvenation, Revenant, Settle, Shockwave, Shot Assist, Sickening, Slicing, Spearfishing, Splash, Spring, Stalwart, Stone Switcher, Stray Aspect, Succession, Supercritical, Tectonic, Tornado, Vampire Aspect, Venom, Vitalize, Voltage, Water Affinity, Water Aspect, Weakening, Wood Switcher, and Wound.

Hiya! Resident server pony checking in with another super tardy blog update for y’all! In this episode of “Derpy talks about stuff” we take a look back at the life and times of the server, the community, the staff, the joys and tears, the hardships and the friends along the way, each and every update installed and database issue resolved… Nah, I’m pulling your leg. We did an Ask-Me-Anything!

Hey y’all! Another late-night blog with little more than an idea and a deadline: How about a blurb about what goes into managing a server like BronyTales? More after the break!

Canon roles on BronyTales are intrinsically linked with roleplay and, to a certain extent, community perception. A bit more on the application process after the break!

Welp, time for our informally scheduled bi-weekly blog!

I figured I’d mix things up a bit and share a little about one of the projects that has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks: recovering data from an almost-literal dinosaur.

Disclaimer: this blog entry will contain significant portions of technical information, but I’ll try to make it easy to understand. It's also a long read. Sorry about that.

Hello everyone!

Today, we'll be going over how to use our new land claiming system, Lands! Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy!

Alternatively, you may use the official Wiki for Lands. It's a lot shorter, but it doesn't give nearly as much information!

All info is accurate as of the date 11/21/20. As the plugin updates, as well as any changes we make along the way, the info posted here may become inaccurate. We'll do our best to keep it up to date!

We resume our tale from before. It's now April 28th, 2020. Exactly two weeks to the day the attacks started, I discover a wild array of connections to a previously unconsidered individual. Background information and DDoS postmortem to wrap up our miniature saga.

We resume our tale from before. April 12th, 2020. I've just discovered that the source of the server issues we've been having over the past two days were being caused by an unknown attacker with no declared motive.

Four days before the one-year anniversary of the first public opening of BronyTales, we experienced our first DDoS attack. Not just any random attack, though - someone with experience bypassing the specific DDoS protection system I had purchased. A mysterious nemesis, no motives or suspects, a server on fire, untraceable weapons, and one question through it all: when will the server be fixed?

A story about server administration, community management, computer forensics, and a touch of noir. These are the tales of Data, the sysadmin P.I.