Roleplay Spotlight - Sombra
Canon roles on BronyTales are intrinsically linked with roleplay and, to a certain extent, community perception. A bit more on the application process after the break!

One of the most prestigious positions to have in a roleplay community is to have the name and title of a widely-known character. Especially in a community like BronyTales where we try to make sure we don’t have twenty variants of “RainbowDash” running around. A player being THE Rainbow Dash of the server means people will look to that player, want to talk to them, want to play with them. In this way, holding a canon role on the server indirectly makes you a mascot on the server, much like the actors who play cartoon characters at theme parks.

Holding a canon character name on the server holds a certain expectation of how that person will act or talk. We generally expect a Rainbow Dash character will have a somewhat brazen and confident “tomboy” persona - someone who would jump at the chance for a challenge. It would be pretty jarring to find an Aladdin character at a Disney park who walked around loudly bragging about the Genie to everyone, or a Captain America stealing food from people.

Now, a lot of people want to play as specific characters on BronyTales, which is awesome! However, since canon names are treated as mascots, we need to be sure that you’re not going to misrepresent the character and by extension the server community. There are a few factors we take into consideration: Are you active in the community? How well do you interact with people as your current username or character? Are you able to present a reasonable representation or recognizable caricature of the character you’re applying for? How well are you able to be the character?

We have an application form that staff review when new apps are submitted, and these questions are all a part of the consideration process. We aren’t accepting “first come first serve” for the names themselves, but rather that you are able to spotlight why you are the pony for the job. The final question on the application is your chance to shine. Don’t write an essay on why you believe you are the most like this character, don’t explain the character’s life story, don’t tell us about how you’ve been this character on another server.

BE the character. Why is this character looking to join the BronyTales community? How would they react if asked to join? How did they find this community? Even invent your own scenario!

Occasionally we’ll get an application that wipes the floor, so to speak. Someone who goes above and beyond and truly draws you in. I would like to share one of the most recent examples with the blog audience here - this one is to date the longest application we’ve received. So large that it broke the notification bot and messed with the application review system.

So, without further ado:


Scene of a tall, grey stallion, not wearing any clothing, levitating himself high with magic as he places blocks on one another, constructing a wall. Voice yelling in the distance: HELLO?! ANYPONY THERE?

I hear them yell outside my tower, their irritating shrills echoing through the chambers and ringing into my ears. I grit my teeth in annoyance, instantly breaking my concentration of building my empire walls and causing me to throw my blocks into my storage chest.

Me: "What is it?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Hoping they'd hear my displeasure towards their intrusion.

Voice: "WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Their pitched voice is heard again, but I still couldn't make out what they were yammering about.

Me (grumbling to myself): If this lasts longer than 1 minute, they're gonna be turned to stone and added to my tower's walls! I tightly close my eyes as I walk forward and up the stairs, trotting to the balcony and peering over the railing. There's a pony way in the distance below accompanied by what appears to be six other equine armed in fancy golden armor.

Me: "I won't repeat myself again, vermin! State your business or leave before I REALLY lose my temper!"

"I gravely hope they chose the latter" I think to myself, waiting for any of the tiny creatures below to respond.

Voice from below: "You best change your tone, sir!"

My whole body suddenly feels like it's boiling over from her insolent reply. I kick off the balcony and over the edge instantly, bracing myself just as I hit the ground, my body turns into a smokey form, before I reanimate back into my physical self, my height looms over a grey Pegasus. Her guards all aim their spears at the sudden figure before them.

Me: "What is it!?" I snarl at them.

She adjusts herself, fixing her fancy uniform from the startle she just received.

Pegasus: -ahem- "I- am here to bring orders of your illegal construction of that structure..." She points one of her wings at the tower.

My eyes follow suite towards my grand masterpiece, before I turn my glare back to her.

Pegasus: " I see to it that you APPLY for your right to build and live in our lands!" The Pegasus stammers, trying to hide back any fear she has.

Me: "Who do you think you are to order me around on something so frivolous?" I snap in the group's direction, as I slowly walk towards the mare, keeping my eyes fixated on her.

I could see the guards getting closer around the mare from my peripheral vision, but I pay no attention to them.

Pegasus: "Who am I? Well...I am-"

Me: "I don't CARE who you are, BIRD!"

The noise of the booming voice causing her to jolt on the spot.

Me: "I build where I want, when I want, and how ever I darn-well please! I'm not here to follow your code, your rules, or anything that involves you controlling what I do. Do I make myself CLEAR?!"

Pegasus: "P-please sir! We don't wish to control anypony! Just, sign the paperwork, claim your deed and we'll be on our way."

She starts to sweat, taking a few more steps back to get behind the guards.

Me: "Oh? And what's next? I start paying taxes? Working to please your rulers? They don't rule over me!" I throw my head back, laughing hard as I stomp my hoof on the ground a few times.

The Pegasus pushes forward past the guards.

Pegasus: "You can't just do what you want, sir!"

I tilt my head in curiosity, amused by her stupidity to stand up to me.

Me: "You sure think you're brave, little bird, but when all is said and done, YOU and your feeble guards will be working for ME!"

I look at one guard after another, few shaking in their armor, others giving me furious stares back at me.

Pegasus: "My name isn't Bird! And you have NO power over anypony!"

I give her a toothy grin, showing my fangs and sharp teeth. Her ears flop low to her mane, eyes fixated, her body lowers and goes stiff in cowardice.

Me: "Is that so?" I chuckle "Ruffled your feathers, did I?"

She says nothing.

Me: "Good."

I activate my horn, pulses of red magic flows around it and with a levitation spell, I grip the papers and the quill she has stuffed in her side pocket. She give a little squeak of fright at the sudden action, but remains still. I look over the paper for a second, seeing a wall of text.

Me: "Nothing but laws and regulations for the weak minded. All of which I despise."

I write down on the blank line at the bottom of the form, before aggressively looking over the piece of paper at the group of ponies, giving them visible signs of my distaste for them all. She snatches the paper and reads the words.

Pegasus: "What do you mean by 'You're hired'?! Y-You think this is some kind of-"

I cut her shivering words short, my horn bubbles purple and green with black magic, and I cast a spell. The mare's eyes go blank, and they start to glow a light green. I gesture her with my eyes to the ground. She drops the paper to the dirt at her hooves, and begins stepping on it, tearing it to pieces. The guards all look in shock, couple of them notice her eyes, others look from her to the tall grey stallion, confused by the situation. Two of the six guards point their spears

Guard 1: "He's done something to her!"

I lift an eyebrow, perplexed that they'd even think of attacking me.

Guard 2: "Arrest him!"

I aim my horn at the two and fire. The other four guards step away, shocked by the sight of their two companions turned to stone before them! I walk between the two statues, and stand before my new brainwashed mare, patting her head.

Me: "Good girl. Now, what to do with the rest of your pathetic squad of soldiers?"

I show a lovely smile to the four guards that all stand at the ready.

Guard 3: "You won't get away wi-"

Me: "OH SHUT IT, GUARD! Or I'll add you to my new assortment of lawn decorations." I growl, getting real annoyed by their failed attempts of intimidation.

They show signs of fear, their spears shaking, their pupils tiny, staring forward.

Me: "Three of you, you're with me."

I cast my spell, focusing on three guards, instantly making them mine. The remaining guard looks left and right to the guards, as they turn and aim their spears at him, their eyes glowing green.

Last Guard: "W-Why?! What do you gain from this?"

Me: "Drop the stick or you'll end up on the opposite end of it."

He instantly throws down the spear! I smile, enjoying the view of the guard's defeat. I walk right up to him, my height towering over him, as I look down at his trembling form, my shadow casting over him.

Me: "And what's that you ask? What do I gain? Well. Slaves of course. To help build my empire. Now if you wish for that not to happen, go grab more of your companions and just TRY to stop me!"

He swallows hard, and kicks off the ground, almost losing his balance as he starts to run away. I watch in amusement as he keeps tripping over his own hooves, too scared to even run right, gaining a fair distance away.

Me: "That's it, boy. Keep running. Keep believing you're free."

I dig a hoof into the ground for balance, throwing my head back, and purple smoke wisps from my eyes as they start glowing green. I focus my spell, tightly closing my eyes, and then lurching my head forward, firing a spell across the landscape. The black lightning with purple and green bubbles tears across the ground, black crystals forming from the spell as it passes across the earth, before making perfect contact with the guard, causing an explosion. The dust settles, and a stoned figure of a guard stands at the impact zone.

Me: "Nailed em." Feeling accomplished for hitting my target at such a distance.

Me: "You two."

I point to two guards with my hoof.

Me: "Go fetch me my new statue. Somepony will be sending more guards to investigate in due time and when they come, they'll be mine too." My slaves nod as they run out to retrieve my newest victim. I stand before the remaining glowy-eyed guard, his body standing perfectly still, awaiting command from his new leader.

Me: "You can go up stairs, and await instructions. Seems I have more muscle to build my tower."

I laugh, watching the guard salute me and then go for the stairs.

Me: "And you..." I turn to the messenger mare. Me: "Thanks for doing my paperwork for me, Bird."

Pegasus: "You're welcome, Sir."

Me: "No no. Don't call me Sir." I put my hoof under her chin and turn her head up to face me "Call me King."

Smoke forms around my body, now wearing my armor, crown and cloak!

"King Sombra."

"A bit violent, but definitely a good villian."

"Talk about trying to go the distance. Honestly I feel this is just too long for its own good. Took me a few minutes to read the entire thing to get a general feel of it. Are they...attacking the staff? I honestly am at a lost of words over this app."

"I... actually really like this app ... tbh, I kinda forgot I was reading an application for a minute there, felt more like a short fic. That being said, it had a lot of humor whilst retaining Sombra's intimidating nature. I liked that they made the application process into, like, a registration thing ... There was a couple of weird flow issues, and he came across as a bit overconfident, which could be sort of annoying in some RP situations, but then again, that's just the character."

"They very clearly understand how much of a tyrant that Sombra was/is, and they add a bit of uniqueness to his character. I can easily see Sombra reacting in this way to a required form for living in an area, especially if there isn't a force stronger than him to make sure he complies. The version depicted clearly does not care about the authority of the area he resides in, which is entirely on point for Sombra' character. The brutish flaunting of magic used to enforce his will onto the guards is exactly the type of response I'd expect from a mage corrupted by dark magic and arrogance. I could go on and on about how much I enjoy this application, but I'll cut myself off. this follows the prompt, and it displays the players ability to play the character very well."

"I like this app a lot. Very menacing, I felt the scary presence of Sombra from this application."

Image by our very own Ashburncat aka Redd :)

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