Lands - A Tutorial
Hello everyone!

Today, we'll be going over how to use our new land claiming system, Lands! Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy!

Alternatively, you may use the official Wiki for Lands. It's a lot shorter, but it doesn't give nearly as much information!

All info is accurate as of the date 11/21/20. As the plugin updates, as well as any changes we make along the way, the info posted here may become inaccurate. We'll do our best to keep it up to date!

Let's start with the basics:

First off, we're going to create the initial claim, or the "base" claim, we call these "Lands."
To do so, you'll need to use the command /land create <name>. This will cost ¤200. The name can be anything you'd like, provided it fits our rules! Spaces won't work!
It should be noted that the Land will automatically claim the chunk you're standing in when you create your Land. To get a better view of the chunks around you, you can use the keybind F3+G.

Next, we'll claim a chunk to that Land.
Let's start by selecting your Land to make sure you're claiming to that one. To do so, run /land edit <land name>. After that, you can then claim to that Land by using /land claim. Starting off, chunks start at ¤200/chunk. As you claim more chunks, the cost will go up 5% per chunk claimed. This caps at ¤500, and you will never pay over that amount to claim a single chunk!
If you'd like to get a better view of what you're claiming, you can press F3+G to see the chunk boundaries. With Lands, you claim chunks, not blocks, so using F3+G can provide an excellent visual guide!

Adding a user to your Land:
All you need to do is run the command /land trust <playername>. After that, your friend will need to accept the invite. To do so, they'll need to run /land accept. This will open up a menu of the invites you have. To accept the invite, simply click on the invite and click on the "green" area!

Giving a friend higher permissions in your Land:
At some point or another, you'll probably want to give a trusted friend more permissions in your claim. This can be done quite easily. To do so, use the command /land setrole <player> <area/land> <role>. By default, there are 4 roles in your claim: Owner, Admin, Member, and Visitor.
Assuming you created the Land, the owner will be you! You are unable to set a new owner via this command, if you'd like to do so, you'll have to run the command /land setowner <playername>.
Admins must be set manually, and have much finer control over your Land, we recommend only giving admin to people you trust! Members are the people you've trusted to your claim with the trust command. And Visitors are people who aren't trusted to your Land.
By default, everything is pre-configured to be as user-friendly as possible with these roles. That doesn't mean you won't want (or need) to fine tune these settings. This is a complex procedure, so we'll go over it more in detail later.

Allowing members or visitors to claim at the border for your Land:
By default, we don't allow other users to claim chunks at the border of your Lands. If you'd like to change this, you can do so by doing the following:
Use the command /land, select your Land (if you have multiple), click on the Roles icon, select the role you'd like to edit (probably visitor or member), select management settings, and click on the "iron bars" icon to enable other users to claim at your border!

Now we'll go over the "main menu" for Lands:
This menu has many features that you should get familiar with, but we'll go over those later. But for now, let's keep it nice and basic. Use the command /lands ('/land' will work, too). If you have multiple Lands, you'll have to select the one you'd like to edit.
You'll now be in the main menu for your Land. You can control pretty much everything from here! We'll now go over each of the menus listed here, starting from the top left:

  • Areas (fence)
    This is an "advanced" feature, and is probably something most users will never need to use. An "area" is essentially a claim within your claim, where you can create regions based on blocks as opposed to chunks. Considering the complexity of this, we'll go over it in detail more in a little bit!

  • Trusted Players (villager's head)
    This will show you a list of the players you've trusted. Here, you're able to do the following: promote and demote, trust, and untrust. As stated earlier, your claim starts with 4 roles. Though you're only able to promote and demote to two of these, Admin and Member. You cannot promote people to owner without using a specific command, so no need too worry about that!

  • Invites (sign)
    Here you can see all of the current invites you've sent out. This menu will probably be rather empty most of the time! You can use this menu to revoke an invite in the event you've changed your mind about inviting a user. A reminder, you're able to remove trusted users from your claim by using "/land untrust <playername>".

  • Inbox ("mail" icon)
    This menu will show you most of the actions which have happened in your Land. This doesn't display *everything*, but it will display information such as people joining/leaving your Land.

  • Statistics (number 1 button)
    This will give you a broader view on your Land. It will show you how many claims you still have, how many members you have, your Land balance, your next claim cost, and your taxes.

  • Land Settings (grass block)
    Here, you'll be able to change some very specific settings for your Land. That includes: animal spawning, entity griefing (turning this on will do nothing!), monster spawning, allow pistons from wilderness, TNT griefing, and allow water from wilderness.

  • Roles (also a villager head)
    This is a *very* complex feature, so we recommend leaving this menu alone. That being said, should you want to change something about a role, we'll go over the details on how to do this, starting from the top left of the menu:
    It should be noted that you can also create and delete roles from your Land. You cannot delete the Owner, Member, or Visitor roles!
    • First, click the role you want to edit.

    • Role Members (steve head)
      This will display the members in that group. Hovering over a user's head with your cursor will show you how many additional claims they contribute to you.

    • Icon (king's head)
      To do this, you'll need to have an item/block in your hand. After that, simply click on the "Icon" button, and the role's icon will change to said item/block!

    • Rename (nametag)
      This will allow you to change the name of a role. Please remember to follow our rules when naming your roles!

    • Action Settings (green pipe)
      This will allow you to fine tune what users in that role will be able to do in your Land. There's a lot here, so we'll just name a few: block breaking, attack players, attack animals, place blocks, open containers, etc.

    • Management Settings (yellow pipe)
      This menu contains powerful management settings for your roles. You can read more on each of the settings by hovering your cursor over the setting. It's recommended to only give these settings to people you completely trust! Most of these are settings you should *never* give to normal members in your claim.
  • Taxes (gold bar)
    Every 9 days, you can ask your members to pay a fee to stay in your claim. This fee will automatically come out of their bank account. If a member fails to be able to pay this fee, they will be automatically kicked from the Land.
    Please use this feature responsibly. We will not tolerate money trap claims. Don't make a free claim and invite everyone just to add a high tax rate a few days later.

  • Name and Enter Message (beacon)
    Here, you'll be able to change the name and the enter message of your Land. Renaming your Land will cost a fee, and changing your entry message is free. Please remember to follow our rules when using these features!

  • Other Notes
  • After being offline for 120 days, you'll automatically be removed from all Lands you're in.
  • After the owner of a Land has been offline for 100 days, the owner of the Land will be replaced with another member in the Land. It will always try to set the owner to the user of the highest rank in the Land.
  • If there is nobody left in the Land after the owner has been removed, the Land will be deleted!
  • As you play on the server, you'll get the ability to claim more chunks and Lands (1 hour per chunk, 48 hours per Land). You can also contribute to other user's Land capacity simply by joining their Land(s)!

    Lands Commands:
    /lands help This will display all of the Lands commands available for you to use, and will also provide a short description on what said command does.
    /lands balance Will display the balance of your Land. Think of it as a community bank!
    /lands chat <land> <message> With this command, you'll be able to send a message directly to your Land. Only Land members will see it!
    /lands delete <land> If you've accidentally created a Land, or you wish to remove your Land, this command will do the trick!
    /lands deny <land> This command will reject an invite to a Land, should you not wish to join it.
    /lands deposit <land> <amount> This command will deposit a specific amount of money into your specified claim. Beware, if you don't have access to withdraw funds (owners always have access), you will not be able to get your money back!
    /lands edit <land> This will select the Land you wish to edit.
    /lands info <land> This will show you the info for the Land you provide. The current owner, members, creation time, and war stats (we don't use this feature, so don't mind this!).
    /lands invites Will display all invites you've received.
    /lands leave <land> Should you not want to be in another user's Land anymore, this command will provide you an out!
    /lands list Will display a list of all the Lands on the server! You can also use the "hopper" icon to show public Lands. A public Land will allow you to teleport to its spawn. You can teleport to the spawn of any claim you're a member of, provided the owner hasn't denied that feature in the settings!
    /lands map Displays a map of the Lands around you.
    /lands rename <name> This command is an alternative to the "/land" menu's one. It will cost you a small fee to change the name! This change will cost $300, and has a cooldown of 900 seconds!
    /lands selection This command is primarily used for the Areas feature, though it can also be used for claiming. To use this, run the command, then left click in one spot, and right click in another. Particles will show you the area you've selected.
    /lands setowner <player> This will allow you to transfer your Land to another member. It will cost you a small fee to change the owner! Setting a new owner for your Land will cost ¤500!
    /lands setrole <player> <area/land> <role> Sets a user to the specified role.
    /lands setspawn Will allow you to set the spawn for your Land. This can be used later to teleport to it! Setting this for the first time is free, after that, it will cost ¤400.
    /lands spawn <land> This command will teleport you to the spawn of the specified Land.
    /lands taxes Shows upcoming tax payments.
    /lands top Displays the top Lands, sorting by Land balance.
    /lands trust <player> <area/land> Invites a player to your area/Land.
    /lands unclaim Unclaims the chunk you're standing in.
    /lands untrust <area/land> Untrusts a user from your Land.
    /lands view Displays particles around the Land you're currently in. Will also display areas.
    /lands withdraw <land> <amount> Will take money out of the selected Land's bank. Will not work without the proper permissions from the owner of the Land!
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